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Apr 8, 2011
Crystal Ruth Bell, of Beijing's Red Gate Gallery, took off for Tibet, and shares her take on the colorful city of Lhasa from an artist's perspective.
An avid and very experimental baker, Crystal also explains how the abundance of yak butter in Tibet inspired her latest confection: red velvet cupcakes with yak butter frosting. Our culinary critique: a bit rich, but a fine Tibetan twist on an American favorite. Best savored while wearing a Tibetan thangke painting cocktail dress!
Tags: Tibetan Art, Lhasa, Tibetan dancing, Cupcakes
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About Tales from Tibet

Tales from Tibet invites intrepid globe-trotters to share their tales of travel around Tibet and its neighboring regions in Western China.

Our guests have trekked through Tibetan areas in western China - by train, by bus, by foot and by yak. They've seen the monasteries, braved the markets, and crooned through their oxygen masks at late-night karaoke bars. Through their travel expeditions, we endeavor to give you a glimpse of Tibet in its iconic shades of saffron robes and cerulean skies, as well as a few lesser-known tones that escape the spectrum.

If you have been to Western China and are interested in telling your story, or if you have any questions about Tibet, please contact us at jttw@bon.tv.
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